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The Fact This Wasn't a Catch or a Touchdown Is Still The The Dumbest Thing Ever

This rule will never, ever make a single drop of sense to me. How is that not a catch? How is it not a touchdown the second the tip of the ball gets over the goal line? That’s always the weird part to me–you can dive towards the pylon, hit the ball on the pylon, and it’s called a touchdown, but somehow the above gets ruled an incomplete pass because he doesn’t keep possession to the ground? So in some cases like when QBs or RBs dive over the pile and the nose of the ball barely crosses the line and then they are pushed back 5 yards it’s a touchdown, in this case where the entire ball goes over the play doesn’t stop and it’s somehow an incomplete pass? It’s such a contradictory rule that they haven’t changed for some reason I cannot explain. And fine. Let’s say the rule is the rule…how is that incomplete? Clearly he caught the football, took 2 steps, and then dove for the end zone with it. He landed on his back still with the ball in hand. There was nothing incomplete about the pass. So stupid, NFL. So stupid.

And the fact it came against the Redskins was great. Because instead of the Falcons scoring, we had another chance to stop them, this time on 4th down, and we didn’t! So it ended up just wasting more clock. Just a dumb rule setting up even more late-game heartbreak.