Chase Utley Suspended Games 3 and 4

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This is actually pretty shocking. I mean in a way its not – MLB has been trying to do everything they can to protect players so if you go out and break someone’s leg it doesnt surprise me that the punishment is harsh. But this suspension is Major League Baseball just admitting that they completely botched this call. Twice. Joe Torre sat up there babbling, talking in circles, making zero sense trying to explain what the situation was. And now 24 hours later slapping a suspension on Utley is basically admitting how badly they fucked this up. I mean the guy wasn’t punished during the game when the play occurred. He wasnt called out. He wasnt ejected from the game or anything. For fucks sake they reversed their call and awarded him the goddam base and basically handed the Dodgers a win.

And now its like “Yea, our bad. We’ll suspend him.” Thats a lot, fellas. Doesnt change the fact that you plucked that game right from our hands.

To be honest I dont even like the fact that he was suspended. As much as I hate Utley and would legitimately celebrate if I found out tomorrow he got hit by a car and died, I dont think you can suspend a guy for this. It was as dirty as it gets. It severely injured a player. But ultimately I dont think he intended to injure the guy. He was a reckless fucking cocksucker who didnt care if he injured someone, but its not like a brawl or a fight where he wanted to break his leg. I think this is baseball enforcing an “eye for an eye” punishment. If Tejada doesnt break his leg, this doesnt happen. But, he did break his leg and so thats what you get for being a scumbag.

I also think this is MLB trying to prevent any further drama. Harvey probably would have put one in his earhole tomorrow night. Probably just trying to nip this in the bud.

Too little, too late in my book. Utley would probably trade games 3 and 4 for winning game 2 and essentially saving the Dodgers season. I dont need a 2 game suspension. I just wanted a goddam out in last night’s game.