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In Case You Missed It, Will From Queens May Have Been The Greatest Francesa Call Of All Time. OF ALL TIME.

This was yesterday on Francesa’s Football Sunday show. Will From Queens. Instant classic. Absolute legend. I’m not exaggerating when I say this might be my favorite WFAN call ever. When you listen to the FAN every day you hear just about every type of call there is but I think this was a first for me. I never heard someone cry quite like Will From Queens did. Fighting back the sobs. Completely overcome with emotion. Francesa just taking a dump all over him. It was perfect. The perfect call. It summed up the complete insanity that is Mike Francesa’s show. The type of creatures that call into Mike are unlike anyone else in this world. Francesa deals with them better than anyone alive. Will From Queens highlighted just how overly emotional Mets fans are, just how weird WFAN callers are, and how blunt and brutal Francesa is. All in under 60 seconds. Magnificent.

As for Will From Queens – free Barstool shirts for life. Free tickets and entry to all Barstool events for life. This whole weekend, every Mets fan was Will From Queens. Fighting back extreme anger and depression as we watched our opportunity to step on the Dodgers throats get snatched right from our hands. Completely encapsulated how Mets fans feel about Harvey. Tonight is his night to make everything right.