I'm Sick Of People "Suddenly Outraged By Greg Hardy




So TMZ posted this earlier this morning.  Naturally everybody is freaking out.  Katie Nolan probably threw a viral siren on her car and drove to Fox Sports studios to rant abut what a colossal scumbag he is.   And she’s be 1,000% right.   BUT this isn’t news.  This is from 2014!   This was already public knowledge.    LOOK!




Again I hate Greg Hardy.  He should be in jail on Sunday not playing football.  I’ve said that 1,000 times.  I said it in real time when it was happening. But I just don’t get why everybody is going nuts about it now.  However you felt about Greg Hardy 2 weeks ago is how you should feel about him now. The guy is a scumbag and a moron. The NFL does not care about domestic violence or women. There is no line Greg Hardy could cross at this point that would make me think less of him. He could kill a chick and I’d be like “yup that’s Greg Hardy for ya”   I don’t need to dig up stuff he did in the past or blow idiotic comments out of proportion to know that.   There should be outrage regardless of whether he put his foot in his mouth or not.  That’s the problem.