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USC To Consider Chip Kelly If They Fire Steve Sarkisian And It Doesn't Mean Dick


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chip Kelly is off to an abysmal 1-3 start in his third season as Philadelphia Eagles head coach, and many people have begun speculating his return to college football. Well, the rumor mill train officially got rolling on Friday morning, as’s Pete Thamel mentioned Kelly as a possible replacement to USC’s Steve Sarkisian, following the Trojans’ disappointing 17-12 loss to Washington. “While this loss doesn’t mark the end of Sarkisian’s time at USC, it marks a definitive point where people can start speculating about the end,” Thamel wrote. “And that will certainly include Eagles coach Chip Kelly. USC had strong interest in Kelly when it hired Sarkisian. Not even halfway through his second season, there’s worry if seven-win Sark will even get there.” While Thamel’s report is completely speculatively, with Kelly struggling in Philadelphia, it’s something the Kelly detractors will keep in mind.

First off, USC and their dumpster fire of a football organization can consider anyone they want. Chip. Pete Carroll. Jesus. It ain’t gonna happen. And even if they recruited the 300 beasts from Sparta to play for them they’re still in such disarray it wouldn’t matter who is running the show. That team hasn’t been anything worthy since Sanchez was slinging on the field and in the sororities.

But even if they could get Chip it wouldn’t matter. Listen, the MAIN concern I had with Chip Kelly when he came to the Birds was loyalty. People forget he was supposed to be Tampa Bay’s head coach the year before he took the Eagles job until he backed out at the very last minute. At the time of his hire, I thought Kelly could hightail it back to the college ranks once his sanctions at Oregon expire, as they did last Xmas. If he shit the bed or even was having juts moderate success with the Eagles, I believe he would go back to college. But that’s not the case (yet). Kelly has COMPLETE CONTROL of an NFL franchise by himself and, after two 10-win seasons, has no reason, like Bobby Petrino or Nick Saban, to jet set out of the pro’s like a pussy. Chip’s here to stay.


It was reported last week, again, that Chip won’t relinquish this opportunity easily as being the GM and HC of an NFL team almost never happens. Also, according to Kelly, he “burned the boats” when asked about a possible return to college at his introductory press conference with the Eagles in January of 2013. It was a reference to Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortez, who burned his ships after arriving in the New World to let his men know there would be no going back to Spain. Now it’s time to conquer or die.