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Matt Hasselbeck Crying His Eyes Out After Beating The Texans…Says He Didn’t Know They Play Doom Next



There they go again. Them Crying Colts. Pagano, Hasselback, Little Bobby Kravitz.   If they get a regular season win in September or October vs one of the worst teams in the history of football they cry like a baby and hang a banner.   Tissue paper soft. That’s what the Colts are.   I love how Hasselbeck pretended he didn’t know they were playing the Pats next too.   Bro you may want to figure it out because you’re gonna be crying for a whole new reason next week. And the best part is I think everybody in Indy knows it. They ran their mouth, tattled like little girls and now the bad man is coming to town to collect a debt. Kind of reminds me of that old Holyfield vs. Charlie Steiner This is Sportscenter commercial.