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Today Is The Most Underrated Sports Day Of The Year

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What a time to be alive. 12 straight hours of playoff baseball. With one of the best crops of postseason teams ever. Aside from the Cards and Dodgers, all likable franchises with fanbases that are thrilled to be there. Nobody taking anything for granted. Multiple cities starving for a World Series. Every game will have a packed house with fans foaming at the mouth. Every house hold will have fans on the edge of their seats with their butt cheeks clenched trying to keep the poop in. The Poop Meter from here to Canada to Texas all the way out to Los Angeles is sky rocketing today. Poop potentially everywhere.

I dont know why this day doesnt get as much love as the other huge sports days of the year. Everyone marks day 2 of the NCAA Tourney on the calendars. Everyone takes off work. We plan watch parties and everyone plays hooky and gets drunk. NFL Wild Card Weekend, Divisional Weekend. Football all day and night Saturday and Sunday. Everyone has those in mind all year as the biggest sports days of the year. Why not today? You get 4 playoff baseball games today. The most dramatic, emotional, anxious and memorable of all postseason sports and you get 4 of them today. I know baseball isnt as easy to watch as other sports. I know it takes a bit of an attention span. I know simpletons arent going to get geared up for a game thats a little longer and slower than football or basketball. But if you watch sports for the dramatics…if you watch sports for the nerve wracking moments…if you watch sports to see guys perform in the most pressure packed situations…it doesnt get any better than the first full day of MLB playoffs. 12 full hours of guys trying to become the next legend. If you’re a red blooded American its the best of the best.

PS – I would pay like $5,000 to have the Mets play the 12:45 game. I cant take this waiting.