Mizzou Students Hold ISIS Flag Burning Rally On The Quad

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Turn around Trump, we don’t need you at Mizzou. America is already great here.

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Finally a campus protest we can all get behind behind – college kids taking a break from hating everything about their own country and focusing on an actual enemy. Is it a little immature? Maybe a little “two wrongs don’t make a right” situtation, “you did it first so how do you like it”? Sure, but whatever. Fuck ISIS.

Next up – how about bringing one of them back from the battlefields to be beheaded right in the middle of the quad? Really step this Mizzou anti-ISIS game up a notch. Too much?


Easy to talk tough from the computer but if I were a Missouri student in real life would I want people doing this? I get not living in fear and standing up for what you believe in, but this is probably going to result in some pretty high tension around campus for the foreseeable future. Little bit concerned for everyone’s safety around there to be honest, hope they have security locked up tight.