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How About This Guy Getting Caught With 100 Pounds Of Weed In His Luggage At Logan




SourcePolice say a California man flew from San Francisco to Boston’s Logan Airport on Wednesday evening with approximately 100 pounds of marijuana in his suitcases.

The Logan Airport Task Force, comprised of Massachusetts state troopers and DEA agents, were waiting for 31-year-old Trang Pham when his Delta flight landed at about 5 p.m. The Task Force approached Pham as he exited the terminal and began questioning him, according to the Massachusetts State Police.

State Trooper Eric Pecjo and his detection dog, Zeva, responded to assist with the investigation. The Task Force then received a warrant from East Boston court authorizing them to search two suitcases checked onto the flight by Pham. Police said they found the marijuana packaged in heat sealed plastic wrap in his luggage.



What is this 1971? 100 Pounds? I think it’s safe to say my man Trang got a little greedy here. You see that Prep School Face on Zeva the police dog? That look says “Bro, did you really just try to come through my airport with 100 pounds of pot”? Laughable. Zeva probably smelled that shit when the plane was somewhere over Pennsylvania.

In all seriousness it’s absolutely amazing that this shit still goes on today. All the TSA shit we have to deal with and people are still taking the red eye with suitcases full of enough weed to make Boston George jealous. What’s really wild is how often it must work. People don’t risk hundreds of thousands of dollars in weed unless it works more often than it doesn’t. I get paranoid just picking someone up from the airport 3 hours after smoking a bowl, it must take balls of steel to smuggle 100 pounds of weed 3,000 miles.



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