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A Sign Things Are Changing - This Is The Most Quiet Redskins Week I Can Remember....Especially With A Huge Game Vs Kyle Shanahan And The Falcons On Sunday

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You know what is so different about this year than every other year? The fact there is so little to blog about the Redskins mid-week. By Tuesday, there’s nothing out there. They are just staying quiet, practicing, not giving outrageous quotes to the media, no leaks about quarterbacks, no Dan Snyder paying fake Native Americans Redskins to pretend to be Navajo Chiefs to try and get good PR, none of it. Ever since the most insane preseason in the history of sports ended, it’s been all quiet. Kirk is the starting QB, the defensive line has become the energy and heart of the team, and DeSean has been hurt, so no chance of dramatics from him.

You have to give RG3 credit for staying out of the news. He goes to charity events with a smile on his face, he isn’t demanding trades, he isn’t making it all about him, he isn’t tweeting nonsense– he’s doing literally everything you want a backup QB to do. Being a great teammate and not giving the media anything to kill him about. There are a lot of former big-time first round draft picks who wouldn’t take being benched as well as him.

Kind of a Catch-22. I love not being the laughing stock of the league, but it also means there’s a lot less to blog about. The last 3 years it’s been non stop action. This year, crickets. They are playing former OC Kyle Shanahan and the Falcons this week, and there’s been nothing much to blog. It’s crazy. As long as they keep winning, I’m all about it though.