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As Predicted, Jake Arrieta Walked Into Pittsburgh And Owned The Pirates

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I’m not going to gloat, the Cubs have a LONNNNNNNG way to go and this was the first playoff win in over a decade, but tonight went exactly as I predicted. Jake Arrieta walked into Pittsburgh and ripped Pittsburgh’s heart out. It was over after the first when the Cubs got a run off Gerrit Cole, it was really over when Kyle Schwarber hit a ball that still hasn’t landed, and it was official when Jake Arrieta finished the complete game. Jake Arrieta is not human, if you don’t believe, believe now. On to St. Louis, see you all Friday night.





Oh and quick apology. Arrieta gave up 4 hits, I’m stupid, that’s my fault, gotta be better.





I’ll give Pittsburgh credit, having Brad from Home Improvement show up tonight was pretty awesome.

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