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IHOP Took Some Shots At McDonald's After The Arches Began Their All Day Breakfast

DING DING DING! WE GOT A BREAKFAST FIGHT! Now that McDonald’s has officially launched 24 hour breakfast, it’s on like donkey kong. If I was team McDonad’s, I’d say IHOP is looking a little bit scared with those tweets. If I was team IHOP, I’d say McDonald’s just got ragdolled around the ring and didn’t even put up a fight. But I’m simply team breakfast. I see what IHOP is doing here, and I respect it, but real gotta recognize real. If I’m on the road, McDonald’s is there for me. If I want to sit for a fancy, gourmet breakfast, IHOP is Mr. Dependable. But like in all beefs, you have to pick a side. And since IHOP manned up and took shots at the crown, I am on team IHOP. Plus the McDonald’s down the street from me only offer muffin sandwiches around the clock. You can’t get a biscuit sandwich, can’t get McGriddles…just McMuffins. I am NOT a muffin sandwich guy. So points to the Hop, and hopefully McD’s fires back with some hot Twitter fire of their own. Do it, pussies. Do it.

PS: You have to come stronger than that, Denny’s. Pathetic attempt.