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College Students Rank Ole Miss The Top University In The Country, More Importantly, Rank The Hottest Professors In The Country

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NBCCollege rankings are in no short supply, from U.S. News & World Report to Princeton Review to the international Times Higher Education. But one set of newly released rankings are chosen by a different kind of experts: College students themselves.

Instructor-ranking site Rate My Professors’ 2014-2015 college lists include best universities, top junior and community colleges and — of utmost importance — hottest professors (we’ll spare you the breakdown of that one, but you can find all the rankings here).

The site, which college students use to dish on their course experience as well as to look for input on which classes they should take, boasts over 16 million student ratings. The makers of the list combed those, weighted professors’ scores from this year and previous years and, to rank the colleges and universities, counted a combination of campus ratings and the schools’ professors’ scores.

The results are far different from those other lists — U.S. News & World Report’s top university for 2016, Harvard, doesn’t even crack the top five — but when was the last time U.S. News gave us something really useful, like the hottest professor in the country?

Rate My Professors

The Rate My Professors 2014-2015 annual Top Lists have arrived! Using ratings submitted by you, the students, we’ve ranked the top professors and schools in the country.

Topping the nation’s list of universities are University of Mississippi and University of Wisconsin-Madison, while Santa Barbara City College and Valencia College – Osceola Campus clinched the top spots on our list of highest ranked junior and community colleges.

…Meanwhile, psychology professor Paul Evans at Brigham Young University secured the top spot on the annual Hottest Professors list and garnered much praise from students, “Dr. Evans is hilarious and was so helpful.” Another student said, “I was finally able to understand biology in a way I never had before.”

Congrats to Ole Miss for having the best school in the country according to themselves, good for them blah blah blah. Tell me more about these hot professors?

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Let’s forget about the guys for obvious reasons, sorry fellas don’t mean to be reverse sexist or anything, just need to blog for my demographic. You’re professors, you understand.

Ok let’s see what we got.

#1) Ruth Dellinger at Florida State College at Jacksonville

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#2) Barbara Kalvelage from U of Southern Indiana

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…wait I’m getting confused.

#3) Nancy Adelson from North Seattle College

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#4) Adrienne Alaie from Hunter

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#5) Marsha Lindsay from Lone Star College

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Hmmm ok I think something got lost in translation here.