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Jahlil Okafor Hits His First 5 Buckets In His NBA Preseason Debut (Annndddd The Sixers Lost By 30+)

BAM! J-Oak started off 5-5 in a 17 minute, 12 point debut vs actual NBA talent. It’s not just that Okafor scored these points, it’s how. It’s very raw, but you can clearly see the potential offensive ability to dominate from this teenage freak of nature. Nerlens looked pretty damn fresh, as well. And I don’t care if the Sixers lost to the Wizards 129-95. They could’ve been spanked by 340 instead of 34 in the regular season (this year only) and I wouldn’t bat an eye. This is still all about developing the goods until Hinkie’s master plan is in place. This time next year they should have Okafor, Nerlens, Saric, Embiid (assuming his wheel didn’t completely shatter), Sauce Castillo, another lottery pick (or 2), multiple first round selections, and enough money to raise Wilt from the dead. It moves to the moon just thinking about the potential. CUE IT.