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So I know what you’re thinking. Hey Big Cat, I want to buy your shirts but I don’t have enough money because I’m poor. Well fret not friends, I’m here to rescue you. I rarely if ever do this, but I’m making an exception because I think of Barstool Sports as one giant dysfunctional family. We’re all in this together. So here it is. I don’t like this pick. I LOVE this pick. Literally been waiting all year to bet against this team in the correct situation.


Michigan State +2 vs Duke


Boom. Duke is soft. They have no inside presence. Plumlee sucks. Ryan Kelly breaths exclusively out of his mouth. And if there is one thing that MSU does, its get physical in the paint. Literally every year its like Izzo recruits only 25 year old black men that are absolute BEASTS. This is the worst matchup for Duke. MSU rolls them. Absolutely ROLLS them.


So put all your money on that and then lets buy some fucking shirts. Don’t say the Big Cat never did anything for you.