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UConn Campus Calzone Place Offering A Jalapeño Bacon "Mac-GattiZone"

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Reader Email

Mac and Cheese kid has officially moved out of his residence hall at UConn and there has now been a calzone created by D.P. Dough on campus that is filled with jalapeno bacon mac and cheese called the “Mac-Gatti Zone” (the kids name is Luke Gatti as you probably already know)

Locations – D.P. Dough


Been a TOUGH week for Mac and Cheese Bro but hey, at least you left a legacy? Most people go their whole lives with nobody knowing their name, living and dying without making any mark on society whatsoever. Mac and Cheese Bro gave the world the most entertaining viral video of the year and quite possibly the most delicious food item movement in college campus history.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.34.44 AM

UConn kids eating like kings because some doucher got hammered drunk and tried to fight a cafeteria manager.

Seriously I would love to get some stats on the increase in orders of macaroni cheese over the past 2 days from Barstool readers. I know for a fact that it’s all I’ve been thinking about. Like this calzone sounds fucking bomb right now.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.34.02 PM

It’s 9 AM and I’m already planning my lunch order. The type of guerilla marketing that companies like Kraft dream about.

Ok ok, that’s enough of this fucking kid. Time to move on and let him pick up the pieces of his life. To quote a hero I once knew…that’s it, show’s over.

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