Dude Calls Cops On Himself Because He Got Too High





SourcePolice in Ohio say they were called to a house by a man who complained he’d gotten too high smoking marijuana.

The Youngstown Vindicator reports that Austintown Township police on Friday found the 22-year-old man curled in a fetal position on the floor, groaning and surrounded by snacks that included Doritos, Goldfish crackers and Chips Ahoy cookies.

The newspaper reports that the man told officers he couldn’t feel his hands.

Officers found a glass jar of marijuana and paraphernalia in the man’s car after he gave them his keys. The man refused medical treatment and so far has not been charged with a crime.


How high do you have to be to call the cops on yourself? The cops are pretty much the last thing you want to see when you’re high, so calling them on yourself is next level fucked up. What exactly is the plan when they get there anyway? Do the police carry weed reversal shots? If you are too high to cope, I highly doubt that adding cops to the situation is going to chill you out.

This guy needs to be dropped from team weed ASAP. It’s one thing to freak out because you’re too high and in a bad place, it’s another thing entirely when you have enough supplies to get you through an entire winter. Doritos, Goldfish, Chips Ahoy? Dude, you had it all. You were on easy street. Do you know how many people out there would love to have just one of those snacks when they’re high? You had all three. You had the world in the palm of your hands and you dropped it because your fingers went numb. That’s some rookie shit. Weed card… revoked.


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