Barstool At The Caps Game Is LIVE - All You Can Eat, All You Can Drink, And a Ticket All For Only $89

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It’s live. Our first Barstool at the Caps Game is live. What does this mean? It means for 89 dollars you get to eat and drink your faces off and see the Caps kill the Avalanche on November 21st. Yes, friends, that is a Saturday.The Avs come to town once a year, and we will be out in full force for it. And it’s only 89 bucks. Beers at Verizon Center are 12 dollars a pop, so figure that you’re saving about 400 dollars by doing this deal.

From 6pm to puck drop of the 3rd, it’s all the food and beer and wine you can fit in your body. Plus an Oshie hat trick is pretty much guaranteed. This isn’t like in New York where they do outings and get no-hit, there’s a 0% chance we lose this game.

Tickets are limited though. And there’s a chance we are going to raffle off a game used stick, just need to double check on that, but it’s looking good.

So to recap:

– Caps vs Avs, Saturday November 21st.

– All the beer you can drink, all the food you can eat, a t-shirt, and a ticket to the game for only $89.

– Oshie hat trick