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This Is The First Time I've Ever Seen a Moose Fight And I Am Mesmerized

I’m nearly 27 years old and this is the first time I’ve seen two moose fighting. And they’re doing it on someone’s driveway in Alaska. The most shocking part about this is houses and neighborhoods look the same in Alaska as they do here. Alaska is one of those places you’re never supposed to see, you’re only supposed to imagine it in your brain and the way I imagined it was snow and igloos everywhere. Like just straight up communities of people living in igloos. So this video kind of ruined Alaska for me, besides the whole holy shit, 2,000 pounds moose fighting to the death on the front lawn.

The best part though? The guy filming using the car as the human shield, and then having nothing between him and nature when car guy decides he’s not trying to die today.

Car guy doesn’t even give him a chance to hop in. Not up there in Alaska. Survival instincts at their finest.s