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Great Rumor Around Knoxville...Butch Jones Punched Lineman Mack Crowder In The Face

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KNOXVILLETennessee coach Butch Jones addressed the media Monday following Saturday’s loss to Arkansas.

Jones was asked about rumors of a physical altercation with fifth-year senior offensive lineman Mack Crowder, calling them “absolutely ridiculous.”

Jones announced that Tennessee will wear its ‘Smokey Gray’ uniforms for this weekend’s game against Georgia. The Vols are winless in two games in which they have worn those uniforms.

Receiver Pig Howard missed last weekend’s game with lingering symptoms from a concussion, according to Jones, who said Howard’s return is just “a matter of time.”

Jones declared Nashville native Kyle Phillips, a defensive end, out for Saturday’s game against Georgia (2:30 p.m., CBS) due to a shoulder injury.

“It’s something that he’s had issues with in the past, but we anticipate right now, with having this week off and the bye week, that he would be available for Alabama,” Jones said.

Best college football rumor since Joey Freshwater ran train on Saban’s wife and mother and daughters all at the same time in the basement of a frat party while Ha Ha Clinton Dix filmed it.

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I mean Butch Jones can call this “absolutely ridiculous” all he wants. The fact he even addressed it makes me that much more sure that he hauled off and smoked Mack Crowder right in the grill piece. Molars and incisors and shit flying everywhere, spit and blood splattering the walls. Can’t believe Butch Jones would do something like that to this poor kid, allegedly.

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I’m joking obviously…but am I? We can’t trust Butch Jones to competently manage a single football game, can we trust him to not mollywhop his players?