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Chinese Officials Are Asking Tourists To Please Stop Groping This Topless Statue

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Shanghai- Officials at the Huaqing Hot Springs in Shaanxi province have urged visitors to please, please kindly refrain from taking pictures of themselves feeling up a statue of an ancient Chinese beauty after it stopped being funny a long time ago. Yang Guifei, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, has apparently got more action this Golden Week than anytime since she was an imperial consort during the Tang Dynasty. Known for bathing in the hot springs during the winter, the tourist site built a topless statue of the beauty, which has now become one of their main attractions, with hordes of visitors lining up to snap a photo of themselves squeezing her stony breasts. Tencent reports that in desperation, staff have posted a sign in front of the statue saying “Take photos in a civilized manner.” However, the messages seems to have largely been ignored by tourists in their insatiable lust for some hilarious boob-grabbing pics.


Well that’s some bull shit huh?  Hey if those Chinese officials want tourists to stop grabbing the titties of that statue then maybe tell the statue to put a shirt on.  Maybe be a little classier and people won’t run up on her for a little squeezy squeeze. Appropriate touching is a two way street, people.  That’s all I’m saying.  It’s like that old Dave Chappelle bit about the police officer and the girl who’s dressed like a whore.  If you’re dressed like a police officer, people are going to ask you for help when they’re in trouble.  If you’re dressed like a whore, people are going to comment about how great your ass looks. If you’re a topless statue with a set of A+ cans people are gonna want to feel them. It’s unfair to get insulted when people act in a certain way due to the way you’re dressed. “Just because I’m dressed this way does not mean you can rub up on my boobies.”  Well every strip club I have been to has taught me different so that shit is confusing. Not to mention grabbing a statue’s exposed boobs gets a laugh 100% of the time. Look how happy those guys are in the pictures. Shit is hilarious.