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Jordan Reed Has 100 Broken Bones, 50 Pulled Muscles, And A Triple Concussion

Jordan Reed is a top 5 TE in the league when healthy. Unfortunately that means he’s a top 5 TE in the league for about 5 games a year. The guy is made of tinker toys and held together by glue sticks. RG3 thinks Jordan Reed is injury prone. And it sucks obviously because Reed gives everything he has. He’s such a competitor, such a good player, and makes his teammates so much better when he’s on the field. But legitimately the most injury prone player in the league and now that he’s on concussion number 4, you have to begin to wonder if he’s going to keep playing. Last time he got a concussion, it was pretty bad. Really bad:

Just have to hope he makes a full recovery and then worries about football afterwards. Losing him is a huge blow to the Skins who are already without DeSean. Thankfully Kirk does a great job of spreading the ball and picking up yards little chunks at a time, but Reed is so good that he draws safety coverage, allowing the WRs to get open. Without him in the lineup, things get a bit easier for opposing defenses.