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German Tycoon And His Wife Live The "Baywatch Life" Which Costs Them $100,000 A Month

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Daily Mail - Bastian and Maria Yotta caused a stir last week after Instagram images of their decadent ‘Playboy mansion’ lifestyle went viral around the world. In a series of bold as brass images they boasted unashamedly of a life filled with sexually charged pool parties, supercars and ten thousand dollar shopping sprees. MailOnline has gained exclusive access to the flashy couple at their $10,000 a month home in Beverly Hills to discover that far from creating an online profile that is divorced from reality, what you see really is what you get with the Yottas. The multi-millionaire and his pneumatic wife told us how they were hounded out of Germany for being too flashy, saying people would spit on their Ferrari and sneer at Maria’s large breasts. So Bastian packed up his life and settled in LA to fulfill his dream of living the ‘Baywatch life’ after he became obsessed with the show while growing up in cold, landlocked Munich. It’s a lifestyle that costs them $100,000 a month, they claim.  ‘I immediately fell in love with the place,’ said Bastian, 38. ‘The beautiful beaches, the beautiful girls, I wanted it all. ‘I had a vision which I have now made come true – I have created my own Baywatch and my girl is hotter than Pamela Anderson.’ Cosmetics tycoon Bastian even paid for Maria, 27, to have a boob job – taking her from a 32C cup to a 32F cup. He added: ‘Germans would sneer at her and say her boobs were too big but secretly I think they liked them. I love big boobs and I know they have made Maria very happy.’ Bastian added: ‘I don’t care about how much money I spend on an evening – $10,000, $20,000, it doesn’t matter to me. I consider it an investment in the happiness of my guests so any amount of money is worth it.’  The Yottas are showing no signs of curbing their wild lifestyle and are now on the lookout for ten sexy girls to move into their mansion.  Posted on Instagram underneath a picture of Bastian and Maria with eight bikini clad women Bastian, said: ‘If you look like one of these beautiful girls in the picture and if you want to raise a higher level in life then comment Yotta. ‘We will select 10 girls to live with us in the mansion and learn how to achieve their goals in life. And we make party also.’

Dont hate the player, player hater, hate the game! This guy is super rich, loves big boobs, loves nice things, and is willing to pay a hundred grand a month to live that life. How can you possibly knock that? Create your own Baywatch and surgically sculpt your girl until she looks like what you want her to look like. Live that Baywatch Life, son! 10 grand for tits. 5 grand for clothes. Another 5 for dinner. Just a couple of pretty Germans who like to make party.

If you’re hating on these two, you have a big dump in your pants. I’m over here busy trying to figure out if I can find a loophole for this contest their running. Can dudes win the chance to come live in that mansion too? Or is that a girls only thing? Chances are its just a girls thing because this guy just wants to bang 10 new chicks with his wife. But for real if theres any openings, Mr. Yotta, please take me into consideration for your Baywatch Life. I’ll be like Hobie, you can be Mitch. You teach me how to achieve goals and we’ll just hang out by the pool with big titty bitches all day long. Dress up in costumes and shit. Whatever it takes man. I just want to live the Baywatch Life too.


PS – I respect Mr. Yotta and his life of big fake tits and endless happiness but your girl is NOT hotter than Pamela Anderson bro. Pam was a once in a generation…perhaps a once in a species…type of hot chick. Lets not get out of hand here.