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Ohhhh, The "Blogosphere" is Misconstruing Stephen A Smith's Words About Kevin Durant, I'm So Sure

Classic blogosphere! Classic! Just misconstruing “you don’t wanna make an enemy outta me”, as the blogosphere is one to do. Maybe he’s right though. Maybe everyone on Earth with two ears and half a functioning brain misconstrued what he said. Maybe that’s it. Him looking into the camera and threatening to dig up dirt on KD was all just a misunderstanding. Classic “we’re all wrong, Stephen A Smith is right” situation.

Still the funniest thing to me is that SAS thinks his opinion matters. That he thinks threatening Kevin Durant is a thing that would scare KD into apologizing or joining forces with him, or something. Like KD cares if SAS respects him or not. We need MORE of that out of KD, and the rest of the league. SAS has made a name for himself by screaming hot takes, by making up stories and figuring if he yells them loud enough and claims to have enough sources, people will believe him. And it’s worked for him. He talks to the dumbest people in the world every day on TV, because you have to have a Schiavo brain to watch the show for more than 30 seconds at a time.

Plus, if you think Durant is going anywhere besides DC, you’re insane. Kevin Durant 2016 shirts BACK ON SALE!