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First Ever Playoff Baseball Game Watch At Saloon For This Friday's Mets vs Dodgers Game 1

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We’ve done Stanley Cup hockey games. We’ve done postseason football games. We’ve done March Madness hoops. But we’ve never done a playoff baseball watch party at Saloon. This Friday will be our first time diving into the world of MLB open bar parties and I, for one, am just as terrified as I am excited.

As always with Saloon, the open bar will go from wire to wire. $40 all you can drink from first pitch to final out. Its the only sport without a clock…meaning theoretically this open bar could go on for…eternity. Went to Saloon on Friday and just drank until you died because the baseball game went on forever. Doesnt matter if theres a million pitching changes and a ton of long at bats. If 9 innings takes four hours then its a four hour open bar. If the game goes 18 innings, the booze flows for all 18 innings. And if you’re as nervous as I am for these Mets playoff games, I will be needing unlimited booze. I might just hook up an IV and let the liquor flow for the whole month. Only way I’m going to survive.

The $40 includes all beer, wine and premium liquor. In addition to the Open Bar, we’ll be doing a Shot “Wheel-er” every time a Mets pitcher strikes a batter out with specials including:

The deGrom Bomb (Vodka)

Thor’s Hammer (Tequila)

The Captain Bomb (Captain Morgan)

Wilmers Tears (Vodka)

Cespedes for the Rest of Us (YoCo Lime)

The Fireballer special. Anytime someone hits 99 MPH on the gun, 3 dollar Fireball shots.

They’ll have the same bar food as always – wings, mozz sticks, chicken fingers, etc etc – plus ballpark franks and cracker jacks. Its like Barstool At The Ballpark except we’re at Saloon where there are no rules.

Now for some insane reason, despite playing the only west coast team, the Mets somehow have the late time slot for Friday night. 9:45 ET start. Rather than giving the Dodgers the twilight start and keeping New York primetime, they want both markets at night like a bunch of dicks. So we will be doing the Reverse March Madness Special. If you’re a Saloon Veteran you know that ordinarily when an event ends you can keep the open bar going for $10 per hour, every hour you want to extend. Well this is just the opposite. $10 per hour every hour you want to do an open bar leading up to the game. Its like an open bar prequel. Some Back To The Future shit. The $40 open bar for the game is mandatory, but if you want to have unlimited booze leading up to the 9:45 start, you can come early and do $10/hr each hour. Or you can just do regular cash bar, or you can just arrive at 9:45. Your call. Either way, theres plenty of booze and plenty of playoff baseball to be consumed.


Can you imagine that goddam place once Yo goes deep? When deGrom strikes out the side? When the Mets beat Kershaw in Game 1 Saloon is going to be the drunkest bar in America.