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It Wouldn't Be A Heat Loss If Lebron Didn't Cry About Fouls Afterwards

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1) “real fast before I say what I want to say, I believe and I know a lot of my fouls are not basketball plays.  First of all, Kirk Hinrich in the first quarter basically grabbed me with two hands and brought me to the ground. The last one, Taj Gibson was able to collar me around my shoulder and bring me to the ground. Those are not defensive … those are not basketball plays.” -Lebron

2)Then in regards to not getting enough calls: “Earlier this season, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra sent tapes to the league office that showed a series of hard fouls on both James and Dwyane WadeJames and Wade rank sixth and eighth, respectively, in free throw attempts per game this season.” -ESPN


I agree with Lebron here. I hate the fouls that aren’t even basketball plays. When a player just sizes up an opponent, lowers his shoulder, and rams directly into him. The worst. Lets have some respect for the game you guys!


Hey wait a minute…


Now here’s the thing. I’m not a blatant Lebron hater. He’s the best player in the game, without a doubt. But give me a fucking break with this bullshit. Just because he casually mentions that he also commits hard fouls doesn’t mean he can then go off on a tirade about how rough and tough everyone is playing and how unfair it is. That’s like Ricky Bobby saying “with all due respect” and then saying whatever he wants.  You did the exact same thing Lebron. Last night was a tough game. That was basketball. It was a playoff atmosphere. Man up and deal with it.


Could you ever imagine any other “superstar” acting like this after a loss? Lebron gets EVERY call. And not only does he get every call, he is never called for any fouls. He’s 100th in the league for fouls committed. He plays 40+ minutes a night and commits 1 foul a game. Its borderline impossible to get more calls than Lebron does. So shut the fuck up. You lost, deal with it. Complaining about the refs is for losers.


Didn’t give enough credit to Captain Kirk for this play last night. Man’s play against Bosh. Tough night for the Bostrich. First Jimmy Buckets dropped his balls on Bosh’s forehead then Hinrich emasculated the shit out of him.



h.t Bobby