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Doing Hockey Highlights on SportsCenter As NHL '94 Is One Way To Get People Interested In Hockey


I think I’m just in a bitter mood this morning because it’s a Monday in December, so instead of being like “oh wow, how cool is that, NHL ’94 is a super sweet game, I’m glad they are using it on ESPN” I’m more like “fuck that shit, they don’t need to make a gimmick out of hockey highlights, how about they show a little bit of respect”. That’s where I’m at right now. It’s kind of true though. They shouldn’t have to dumb down hockey highlights to get people to pay attention. It’s already the best sport out there, let’s act like it. Don’t need to put in sound effects like it’s some sort of laugh track on Big Bang Theory. But whatever. It’s still cool. It got me to blog about it. And any time you can bring NHL ’94 into my mind, I’m down with it.

PS: We got an N64 in the apartment over the weekend can’t wait to start building brick walls in Wayne Gretzky Hockey.


h/t Tim