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From Worst To First

ruebenNow THAT’S how you win a road game.
No, it wasn’t pretty but this Giants team isn’t built for style unless it’s a Beckham highlight. They went into Ralph Wilson Stadium, got the jump early & grinded their way to victory. In a rare game where ODB wasn’t much of a factor – he & Eli weren’t clicking for some reason – Big Blue didn’t need him. Dwayne Harris & Rueben Randle stepped up with first half scores while Spags’ no-name defense would’ve held Buffalo scoreless if not for a short field. Still, a slew of 3-and-outs along with a Kennard pick that set up the Harris score had Tyrod Taylor looking like…well, Tyrod Taylor.
The offense came to a screeching halt in the second half but it didn’t matter. The G-Men held strong on a 4th quarter goal line stand and then, after rookie Karlos Williams cashed in to cut the deficit to 6, Rashad Jennings responded two minutes later with the door-slamming big play that eluded the Giants in their first two games.

Stiff Arm City. It was the answer they needed to keep any thoughts of another “here we go again” 4th quarter from creeping in.
Granted, I haven’t seen the Bills be this charitable to Big Blue since…

It should come as no surprise that a Rex Ryan-coached squad took 17 penalties for 135 yards, including a pair that erased Buffalo touchdowns and another that turned a Josh Brown FG attempt into 6 Giants points. It was up to NY to take advantage though & they did. Now all of a sudden, the laughing stock of the league after Week 2 shares the top spot in the NFC East & welcome a Niners squad on a 3-game losing streak by a combined score of 107-28 for a SNF visit. The NFL season is a fickle bitch.
Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but Coughlin’s boys are in a prime spot to create some space in the division. While the G-Men get Frisco next weekend, Washington has a trip to 4-0 Atlanta while Dallas hosts the Patriots off a bye. Then the NYG travel to Philly & host the Cowboys. I know I just said football’s a fickle bitch but it’s not outlandish to picture Big Blue sitting at 5-2 while everyone else in the East is saddled with 4 L’s. It’s also not crazy to start preparing for the inevitable kick in the dick – but right now I choose to live in a world of optimism. If Odell Beckham’s allowed to think his team is 4-0 then I can believe the Giants are gonna keep stuffing the run, winning turnover battles & cashing in opponent’s mistakes over the next few weeks for a nice division cushion.

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