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Same Old Rex In Buffalo, 2-2 Giants Could Have Easily Been 4-0

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.28.52 PM

I feel for the Buffalo fans today. I’ve watched that game a thousand times as a Jets fan. Stupid, stupid penalties. Sloppy play. Bad turnovers. A highly touted defense giving up big plays. Shitty offense and QB play. Its just what Rex Ryan teams do. White and green in NYC. Red white and blue in Buffalo. Its the Same Old Rex. 17 penalties for a billion yards, a lot of F Bombs on the sidelines, and another L. Wash, rinse, repeat.

As for the Giants, if it wasnt for 2 shitty quarters they’d probably be 4-0. You can play the “What If” game for every team and ever game, but if you eliminated just like 10 total minutes of bad play, they’d probably be undefeated. They’re a microcosm for the weird ass start to the entire NFC East. Another loss for the Eagles pretty much has their season going down in flames. Injuries to the Cowboys, the Redskins being the Redskins…as crazy as it seems the division is going to be right there for the Giants despite those two atrocious losses.

Just 3 weeks until the Revenge Week Tailgate against the Cowboys on 10/25. 65 bucks, all you can drink, all you can eat, beer pong, live DJ, TVs with the 1pm games. Tailgate runs from 12:25 to 4:25. Gonna be a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the fall. I’m going and I dont even have tickets to the game.