Iowa Beats Wisconsin On The Road At Camp Randall For Their Biggest Win 5 Years

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WHAT A WIN!  New Kirk, new Hawkeyes. What an ugly, disgusting, throw up-worthy awesome win for Iowa at Camp Randall.  5-0!  Can you believe that?  I sure as hell can’t. No way did I envision this Hawkeye team getting off to an undefeated start. Especially not with Iowa’s only big play threat in Tevaun Smith sidelined today with a knee injury but here we are.  That game today?  Puke city.  Awful offense on both sides.  AWFUL officiating both ways. Flags all over the place that shouldn’t have been flags. Make up calls for both teams left and right.  Awful awful awful. 10-6 of pure ugliness. Regardless of all that though, that’s Iowa’s biggest win in 5 years.  No doubt about it. Not only that but they needed a win like that. I hate when people say shit like “Old school Big Ten football” but that’s exactly what we watched today. Iowa was just a little better than Wisconsin and that was enough. Oh and it helped that Wisconsin fumbled in the red zone in the 4th quarter as they tried to win it.  Hell of a way to kick off the B1G schedule.


CJ Beathard finally looked human (moved to 6-0 in his career as a starter BTW) but it didn’t matter because running back Jordan Canzeri had himself a day. Desmond King on the other side of the ball had himself a day. Ka$ino Kirk made a few questionable calls but that’s Ka$ino Kirk and I love him. All that matters is we won. 5-0! I smell a top 25 ranking.



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