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Details For Tomorrow's Barstool At The Ballpark In Regards To The Weather

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Ok so tomorrow is our last Barstool At The Ballpark outing. Yet another Matt Harvey outing. Crazy. 3 of the 5 this year have been with Matt on the bump. Anyway obviously everyone is all concerned with the weather so here’s the deal:

Tomorrow is a separate admission double header with tonight’s postponement. Meaning your tickets for BATBP are still only valid for the night game. You print your ticket, the beer voucher, and the food voucher all at Citi Field kiosks which are located:

Outside the ballpark, to the third base side of home plate and the Jackie Robinson Rotunda; inside the Rotunda, also on the third base side; near first base and third base on the Field Level concourse; inside the Caesars Club on the third base side; and near first base and third base on the Promenade Level.

Now here are the only things that really can change due to there now being a 1pm game:

A) if game 1 goes extras or is delayed, obviously the start time of the night game may be affected. I think this is pretty unlikely, but it is possible. Our unlimited beer special begins 1 hour prior to first pitch of the night game. So, whenever that first pitch is announced, 1 hour prior to that time is when your unlimited beer begins.

2) The unlimited beer ends either at the 7th inning alcohol cut off, OR 2 hours after first pitch. Which ever comes first. So again, if there is a rain delay in the middle of the game, its not like this unlimited beer is going to run for hours and hours until we reach the 7th. Longs story short, you have a 3 hour open bar with beer. Think of it that way.

D) If there is heavy rain during the game, they do have a plan to accommodate. You wont just be stranded at your seats getting soaked. They will try to keep people as dry as they can. That being said, obviously dress appropriately for the weather. Umbrellas, rain coats, ponchos, whatever.

So I’m listing these things out just to make it all clear – you dont have access to the day game, the unlimited beer special is still on but for 3 hours in case there are delays, and you wont just be completely fucked sitting there if its pouring. I wanted to make it known so that people still want to come out to the park despite the weather, but also I dont want any assholes being like “They told me bottom of the 7th and its only the 5th inning! Wheres my beer!” even though theres been a long ass rain delay.

Bottom line is the Mets have told me they are going to take everything as it develops and make sure everyone gets their moneys worth and enjoys it.

Its the Mets Victory Lap against Bryce and the Nats. Who cares what the weather is, thats gonna be enjoyable no matter what.