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Josh Scobee Is Apparently The Best Pro Athlete Golfer There Is So He's Got That Going For Him

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Reader e-mail
Hey Trent,


Here’s Josh scobees handicap; he’s a +3. He’s said to be he best pro-athlete golfer there is. If you look up the handicap percentiles that the USGA gives, they don’t even list how good/rare it is to be a +3. I had hoped that he could hit field goals as often as fairways for the Steelers, but I guess not.




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There we go!  Everything coming up Scobee!  Well not really but I kinda feel bad for the guy so I wanted to point out a potential silver lining. He’s had a pretty rough 18 hours.  Not only did he miss a couple of big time field goals in front of the entire nation last night but he also got his head bashed in by a super stoned Snoop Dogg on social media. Rough times.  But hey!  It turns out Scobee is like the best pro athlete golfer on the planet so that’s one for the W column.  So even if Scobee loses his job as the Steelers kicker and nobody wants to pick him up he’ll still have golf to fall back on.  Who knows.  Maybe with all the the free time that comes along with being an unemployed NFL kicker he can work on his golf game a little more and join the tour. A lot less 300 pound defensive lineman running at you on a golf course. All I’m saying is think about it, Josh.



And I had forgotten about this but Scobee was also the guy who kicked Tiger  Woods when he was down (not sure which time but one of them)


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