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Sharnika Is Back In Jail For Chasing a Man With a Sword, Just 2 Months After Going To Jail For Hitting 2 Men With Nunchucks

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Seatle PI – A Seattle woman has been accused of chasing a stranger off a King County Metro bus with a sword just weeks after she was jailed for a nunchuck attack. Seattlepi.com reports ( http://bit.ly/1Vv5k8u ) that Sharnika Joy Armstead is accused of chasing after a man who bumped her on a downtown bus. She is accused of waving a sheathed short sword at the man. She was charged Tuesday with attempted second-degree assault for the Sept. 14 bus incident. Armstead was released from King County Jail in August after serving a 74-day sentence for hitting two men with nunchucks while stealing a bottle of shampoo from a supermarket.

Fucking Sharnikas, huh? As my mom says, you know one Sharnika, you know all the Sharnikas. A Sharnika cannot change her stripes.She just got out of jail for hitting people with nunchucks while stealing a bottle of shampoo, and now she’s right back in for chasing people with swords. At least she upgraded weapons though. Nunchucks make little sense at all. They have no reach, you have to be Bruce Lee to even know how to operate them, and if the person you’re fighting has any other weapon, they win. Swords make so much more sense than nunchucks, so I’m glad that 74 days in jail did something for my girl Nikz. Let’s hope she learns her lesson this time, because next thing you know this ninja turtle wanna be is going to be stabbing people with sais and hitting people over the head with bo staffs.