Drone Footage Shows Incredible Images Of The Beautiful City Of Baltimore


Ah yes, the beautiful city they call Baltimore. “Charm City” they say. For those from the area, none of this will shock you. We know what downtown Baltimore brings to the table. Breathtaking views of the Inner Harbor, the best ballpark in baseball, historical landmarks, etc etc etc. What we also know is exactly what’s not in this video. Can’t show it all. And that’s fine as long as we take this as an opportunity to educate everyone else on how to get the best out of the city of Baltimore and leave it with a smile and a heartbeat. See this awesome view of Camden Yards?




Gorgeous right? Now let’s just draw a nice big line along those trees in the middle of Russell Street and have everyone agree to NEVER EVER go more than a block or two to the west of it. It’s the shadowy place, don’t you ever go there Simba.



opacy dne


And boom! Everyone remains in one piece. Not a murder in sight as long as we just pretend that entire area doesn’t exist. I don’t want to pat myself on the back but I’m pretty sure I just lowered the crime rate. Hero.