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Someone Created A GoFundMe To Get Steve Bartman To The Cubs/Pirates Wild Card Game, Which Is Incredibly Stupid

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This is so fucking stupid. I mean I get that it’s not a malicious act, to try and pay for Bartman to go to the Cubs/Pirates Wild Card game, but it’s dumb. Any Cubs fan that blames Bartman is either a moron or doesn’t understand how baseball works. Blame Dusty for not calming down a TWENTY THREE year old Mark Prior or pulling him all together, blame Alex Gonzalez who makes that play in his sleep except for that night, blame Kyle Farnsworth or Sammy for letting the runner advance to second on Conine’s sac fly, or the entire time for not winning Game 7 even though they were up in that game. Just don’t blame Bartman, and more importantly leave the poor guy alone. You think it’s a coincidence he’s never been out in public or spoken to anyone in the media? Hell no, he wants to live his private life in peace and quiet. To try and get him to talk because you feel guilty about how everyone treated him back in a game in 2003 is stupid and self serving. Let sleeping dogs lie, Cubs are winning it all this year regardless.





I’ll admit I laughed a little at this though.



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