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Gotta Love The Jags Coach Crediting His Entire Life To Belichick Even Though He Never Met Him Before



Laugh out loud funny. I mean if I heard this conversation and didn’t know who was talking I would have assumed that it was some 14 year old boy who bumped into Belichick at a gas station or something. Not that this was the head coach of another team that was about to play the Pats. Like honestly how many posters of Belichick do you think Gus Bradley has in his office and at his house? I bet when the Jags are at practice he probably calls out “I GET TO BE BELICHICK” like little kids do when they play sports. That’s the beauty of Belichick. Opposing coaches are either so terrified that he’s cheating they can’t concentrate or they are so in awe of them they can’t concentrate. Either way they are fucked. Belichick’s mere presence is worth 14-21 points every single game.


PS – Best sideline in the game.  Book it.