Barstool Should Definitely Buy This Abandoned Donald Trump Bus That's On Sale For $15,000

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DES MOINES — Donald Trump’s Iowa campaign bus is definitely for sale. A party bus plastered with leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s name and campaign slogan appeared for sale on the online classified advertising website Craiglist on Monday — only to be deleted a short time later. But if you’re in the market for a big blue bus emblazoned with the letters T-R-U-M-P, fear not. It’s still for sale. The price: $15,000. The owner and mechanic for the bus initially took calls from The Des Moines Register and both confirmed their interest in selling it. After the Craigslist ad was removed, the mechanic confirmed that it’s still for sale. “As far as I know it’s still up for sale,” said Mark Gearhart, the bus’s mechanic. “I know they took it off of Craiglist because it was ruffling some feathers — frankly I don’t care — but it’s my partner’s bus and he wants to sell it, so we’re going to sell it.”



What a steal!  15,000 bucks and you could own your very own #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Trump bus.  A bus that The Donald actually used to cris cross the state of Iowa on the campaign trail.  Barstool has to buy this bus, right?  We have to.  We already have all the Trump shirts and hats. It’s time to get a Trump bus. Endless possibilities that I can’t think of right now if Barstool Sports owned a Trump bus. I mean I can’t afford it but I happen to know a certain mogul who is swimming in hemorrhaging Twitter stock who probably could. Dave loses more on a nightly basis betting MLB unders than the price of the whole bus. Time to allocate some of those funds to something worthwhile. Portnoy’s already got 10 horses but only one bus and it’s driving around the south. Barstool needs another bus. This way, instead of having to pull the Dixie bus off tour during the Mets/Cubs NLCS, they can just drive the Trump bus back and forth from New York To Chicago.  Win win.



Listen, anybody can wear a Make America Great Again hat and act like a big Trump supporter. It takes a true Trump man to buy his bus. If Dave buys it he won’t even have to pay for it to be shipped from Iowa to Boston. I’ll drive the damn thing out there myself. Let’s do this.