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It Was Chick Selfie Night At the Diamondbacks Game Yesterday

But first… let us take (lots and lots and LOTS) of selfies.

Posted by 120 Sports on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I’m going to say something that is sadder than all these chicks sitting around taking a billion selfies of themselves and faking like a hot dog is a dick for 20 minutes. I actually saw this live because I was watching the Rockies Dbacks game on MLB.TV like a god damn degenerate. Honestly if you live in Boston (or really anywhere on earth) and were watching this baseball game you should kill yourself. Like you really should. That’s rock bottom. Unfortunately if you’ve been paying attention I’ve been betting all unders the last few days in baseball and been getting MURDERED. Yesterday I decided the unders were finally due so I bet them all except the 10pm games. Well the overs went 12-2. I don’t even know how that’s mathematically possible. Long story short I would have traded anything to be one of these mindless chicks without a care in the world. The only thing on their mind was getting a good insta photo. Kind of like poodle who only cares about eating and sleeping.

PS – The Orioles Bluejays game last night? 0-0 through 7 and it still went over.