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Ernie Els With Hands-Down The Worst Putt Of The Year And Maybe Ever



Listen, I’m not one to throw stones at another person’s golf game. I’m in no position to. If you watched my LPGA Pro Am video you know I’m not exactly T. Woods circa 2000 but come on, Ernie.  Come on now bud.  Tap that baby in and move onto the next hole. He could’ve breathed on that putt and it would’ve dropped. Yips for the old South African? Might be because that was crazy. Hands down the worst putt of the year and maybe ever. I would say “Hey he’s just like us!” but, if that’s me and my buddies, Ernie never even attempts that putt.  That’s a gimme all day everyday. I’ll hand out gimmes from the fringe if there’s enough Busch Light flowing.  Get’em next time, Ern.