Asian Chick Strips Naked In The Middle Of A Store After Her Boyfriend Refuses To Get Her An iPhone 6s

Mirror – People are usually desperate to get their hands on the latest Apple product. But it could be argued that this woman has gone to extreme lengths in an attempt to secure herself an iPhone 6s . After reportedly failing to persuade her boyfriend to buy her the latest gadget, the woman, who was caught on camera in a shopping centre in China, decided she had only one option.  And that option was to strip completely naked in front of hundreds of other shoppers. In the clip, the woman can be seen exchanging words with her partner before tearing her clothes off and throwing them onto the floor. Her unimpressed boyfriend walks away, but she soon follows, pushing him several times. It is not clear how the argument ended – or whether the woman ever ended up getting her hands on the iPhone 6s. The clip was uploaded to YouTube on September 20 and has clocked up more than1.2 million views .

Ahhh, Kimosabe. You’re on the right track. Things are headed in the right direction. You definitely wanna get to that Sugar Daddy level where chicks are getting naked in exchange for nice gifts. That exchange is what makes the world go round. However, you wanna get to that sweet spot where they are stripping for you in private as a way to begin sexually servicing you, not stripping naked in the middle of a shopping mall. Maybe thats just how bad this chick wanted the 6s? Maybe she was trying to be all subtle about it in the store and he wasn’t getting the hints? Finally reached her breaking point and had to take off her tighty whities and show him the pussy. Like “HEY IDIOT! See this? Yea, this vagina? Do you want to fuck this? Then buy me the iPhone.”

Or of course there’s always the chance that this is some weird Asian shit. Like this is actually what he wanted. “Throw a temper tantrum and strip naked and lets do some forced public group sex and I’ll get you the iPhone 6s.” You never really know with the kind of shit they watch over there.


Or option 3, this is really just one pain in the ass chick. If your girl tries to pull a stunt like that you walk out of that mall and disappear forever. Change your identity, move to a new city. Whatever it takes. Get that psychopath out of your life.

PS – This bitch makes Miley Cyrus look curvy