Fat Yankee Fan Caught Sleeping At Last Years Game Vs. The Red Sox Has His $10 Million Defamation Lawsuit Thrown Out

NYDN – You snooze, you lose. A $10 million defamation lawsuit filed by a baseball fan who was shown asleepon national TV at a New York Yankees game last year has been dismissed, according to Bronx Supreme Court documents published Tuesday by The Smoking Gun. Judge Julia Rodriguez threw out Andrew Robert Rector’s suit on Aug. 17. Rector had sued ESPN, the network’s announcers, Major League Baseball and the Yankees after he slept in the fourth inning of a Yankees game against the Boston Red Sox in April 2014. The TV station’s cameras picked Rector out of the crowd for about 30 seconds as he slumped over in a box seat at the game. Rector’s suit alleged ESPN broadcasters Dan Shulman and John Kruk went on an “unending verbal crusade” using words like “stupor,” “fatty,” and “stupid” to describe him, along with other “vituperative utterances.” But Rodriguez ruled that foul in her decision, which included a transcript of Shulman and Kruk’s commentary during the game. The broadcasters wondered aloud how Rector could have fallen asleep so early in the contest, how much his neck might hurt the next day, and why a man sitting nearby didn’t wake him up.  “We gotta see how long this guy’s out for,” Shulman told viewers. The defendants behaved within their rights, the court decision said. “None of the comments actually made by the announcers is defamatory,” Rodriguez wrote. “Notably, nothing said by either of them could be considered a false statement which is a necessary element of a defamation action.” A lawyer listed as Rector’s representative didn’t immediately respond to an email sent to the firm early Wednesday.

Remember this gluttonous mess from last year? This is what I wrote about him when this lawsuit was first filed:

Remember Sleeping Beauty? It was back in April – Master’s Sunday, rather fittingly – that this dude decided to take a little cat nap in the middle of the 4th inning of a fucking Red Sox-Yankees game. Well now he’s fed up with the “unending verbal crusade” and suing ESPN all because he’s a fat tired dude. Whats funny is A) The thought that this is “unending” is an absolute joke. It ended about 2 hours after it ever started. Like by the 9th inning of that game I don’t think anybody remembered that this dude was on camera sleeping. Not like he went super viral or became a meme or something. Nobody even remembered this until now.

And secondly this “verbal crusade” has nothing to do with ESPN. Kruk and his partner said he was oblivious and they wondered if he slept through Beltran’s home run. Thats it. All the comments about being a socially bankrupt fatty cow is just mean shit people randomly said about him on the internet. But last time I checked you don’t get to be a complete slob in public and then sue people when someone calls you out on it. People are mean on the internet. People make fun of you. Don’t wanna get made fun of? Don’t be fat and sleepy in public. Pretty simple stuff. Either get your shit together when out at a sporting event or be prepared to get made fun of. And most certainly don’t file a fugazi lawsuit that brings this all back into the spotlight and lets people call you a fatty cow again. You brought this on yourself not once, but twice.


PS – “Confused, disgusted and socially bankrupt individual” is such a tremendous insult. Socially bankrupt is so fucking perfect. God I hate Yankees fans.

Well this is now just the third time he’s back in the news cycle. Fatso fell asleep and now has dug it up 2 extra times on himself with filing this lawsuit and then having it thrown out. All his family and friends texting him and calling him all day. “Hey Fatso remember this!”

But I guess you cant really fault this dude for just shooting for the stars. If you’re gonna be known as the fat sloth unconscious at the ball park, you might as well try to weasel 10 million dollars out of it. I’m still unsure who he was actually suing. Just kinda sounds like he was suing the world. Like everyone on the internet. Anybody who saw him, anybody who laughed at him – you’ve been served. You miss 100% of the shots you dont take. My only criticism is that he went about it the wrong way. Should have cried about bullying and gone the kickstarter route. Wouldnt have got 10 million but maybe 10 grand.