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You Can't Read This Excerpt Of Jayson Werth Yelling at Matt Williams From The Washington Post And Believe Williams Has Even a 1% Chance Of Returning Next Season



Ho-ly shit. That is taken from the Washington Post, where writer Barry Svrluga did a phenomenal 3 part series on the demise of the 2015 Nationals. They are such good reads, but part 3 where Werth challenges and confronts Williams took the cake for me. Reading all 3 parts two things stick out: 1) it’s insane Williams wasn’t fired in-season, and 2) it’ll be even more insane times 100000 if Matt Williams returns next season. The guy is not only bad at managing in-game, but he doesn’t even have the respect of the players. It’s one thing if he just makes bone headed decisions but the players try hard for him, it’s another thing where the guys won’t even give a little extra to try to win games. What a wasted season.

People sometimes ask me “who do you want the Nats to hire?” What the Nats need is a guy with major league managing experience, or a very, very good manager who has been coming up in the ranks in the minors. Whether in-house or beyond- they need to pick the right guy. A smart manager with baseball sense who relates to the team. Not a hard-head like Matt Williams who took a team that loves to have fun, a team that supported each other, and turned them into zombies who didn’t want to be at the park. It’s easier said than done of course, but getting the right guy during the offseason is so vital. We can do Matt Williams part 2.