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My Worst Fear Has Come To Reality - I'm Back With Comcast And I'm Horrified


Straight up, I’ve never been more scared of anything in my life. Right now is my last day living in my current apartment, as I’m moving to a house. Yesterday we got our keys and to my horror, found out the only option for cable and internet is Comcast aka the devil on Earth, aka LITERALLY worse than Hitler. For the last 13 months in this apartment I’ve had Fios and do you know how many times something has gone wrong, broken, malfunctioned, hiccuped, or failed? ZERO. That is less than 1 times. None. Zippy. Now let’s flash back to the time I spent in my old townhouse before this apartment when I had Comcast. When my internet broke every day for months and they wouldn’t fix it. When they came out to look at it and laughed in my face about how screwed up their wiring was. How they then tried to get me to pay for them to fix it. Nothing is more stressful than a billion dollar company trying to charge you for them to fix their broken product.

And now I’m back. If this was a movie, you would have gone inside of my mind to an action sequence where I tear up the lease, shoot the landlord, light the house on fire, and dive roll out the window upon seeing the Comcast box and router sitting on the floor of my new living room.

In reality, I forsee myself spending a lot of time blogging from bars when the internet inevitably goes out every other day. I do not wish Comcast on my greatest enemy. You could murder my mother and I’d ask the judge to make sure they don’t use Comcast in prison. I’m horrified of what’s in store with this new house and Comcast. Please add me to your nightly prayers. Nobody deserves such cruel and unusual punishment.