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Louisville Bro Tries To Steal A Keg From The Concession Stand At The Football Game For His 21st Birthday, Immediately Caught And Also Charged With Minor In Possession Because He Had A Flask Of Fireball

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LOUISVILLE (WHAS11)A Cards fan was arrested at Saturday’s game against Samford. The fan is accused of trying to steal a keg from a concession stand at the stadium.

Twenty-one-year-old Oliver Stutsman is charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Police said Stutsman worked with another man to grab the keg and leave the stadium.

They didn’t get far before they were stopped by police.

Police said he was drunk and had a flask of Fireball Whiskey in his pocket. It was the day before his 21st birthday so he’s also charged with alcohol consumption by a minor.

Minor in possession arrest 1 DAY before your 21st birthday??

Seriously though what’s up with these cops? I mean you looked at his ID. You see what day it is. You really can’t just let him skate on the freaking flask of Fireball? What, you can just snap your fingers at Midnight and all of a sudden he’s a responsible adult who is perfectly able to carry that sugar-water whiskey? Come on now, I know laws are laws, but how about a little early birthday gift. By all means bust him on the theft for stealing a fucking keg from the concession stand and trying to run with it, that’s just some dumbass stuff right there. But the Fireball, feel like we can cut him some slack and drop those charges, that’s just insult to injury.


Louisville is 1-3 and their coach is Bobby Petrino – you try getting through one of those games without dumping an entire keg down your throat and chasing it with a personal flask.