The Worst And Best Fans To Have On Your Team's Bandwagon - MailTime

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Lena Dunham is dead. Put her in a body bag. She can’t be a part of the Mets Bandwagon if she’s internet dead. So this here is my victory lap. We run through the best and worst celebrities you want on your team’s playoff bandwagon.

Inspired by the Biebs and his Taco Christianity, we run through some of the dumbest, most ridiculous celebrity quotes ever.

A segment of “Science Says” which is the most useful scientific study I’ve ever heard. We analyze your boy KFC’s dreams which are always a fucking narcotic induced trip down the rabbit hole. In these dreams I fix all the Chicago Bears problems and fret over Adam Sandler. And finally, a follow up to the deaf masturbator from Daily Mail.

Finally this week’s episode wraps up with an appearance from our man Ross Tucker (@RossTuckerNFL, Ross Tucker Football Podcast) We whip around the Barstool football franchises reviewing Week 3, and Ross tells us which song he thinks is the most popular pump up song in the NFL as well what role he would play if he were on a season of Hard Knocks.

Fully packed episode for everyone. Plug in juice up.