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Eagles Re-Sign Jullian Vandervelde, The OL That's Been Cut And Signed By The Birds No Less Than 400 Times


PhillyVoice – By my count, Eagles offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde has been through 17 roster transactions, including being released seven times. Today, he took us through how he felt emotionally at the time of each of those 17 roster transactions, through facial expressions.

[Editor’s Note: An Intern Brosh deal.]

Fucking Julian Vandervelde. The king of the Eagles news when it comes to the middle of the week, but never Sunday. Seems like we can never go a full week without Vandervelde either getting signed by the Eagles or released by them. Does this guy just have his own place in Philly or does he just hop from hotel room to hotel room? Regardless, the fact that he allowed Jimmy “The Eagles’ Stick Figure Guy” Kempski to take a bunch of photos of his reaction’s to ALL 17 transactions he’s been apart of during his NFL career shows that this big guy has a pretty good personality. He is a real good story of how tough it can be for an NFL player week to week when you’re not a superstar. Let’s just hope we don’t have a situation where he has to start this year, because I would be a bit worried for Sammy Boy’s Papier-mache knees if we had a starting lineman that’s been cut and signed 17 times.