Those Indians Have Got Some Really Intense Condom Commercials

Blatant false advertising if you ask me. There are about a billion and one people living in India and I highly doubt none of them smell as good as the people in this video look. Rico Suave there acts like his Plague don’t stink. And I don’t care how many pennies Durex paid to some poor Slumdog prodigy to produce this fire jam, there’s zero chance anyone is using these things. You have people in America who won’t buy condoms. Good luck getting people with no access to indoor plumbing to splurge on anything other than the ol’ school sheepskin for protection.

Seriously, this video gives India way too much justice. That place has gotta be the worst “Fully developed” country in the world? There are cell phones everywhere but shit literally still flows through the streets. Plus last time I checked a Rupee in The Ocarina of Time holds a higher monetary value than a Rupee from India.

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