Red Card: Ref Pulls Out A Hand Gun During An Amateur Soccer Match In Brazil

(via) – A soccer referee is facing punishment after he pulled out a gun on the field in reaction to an argument during the game.

Gabriel Murta was kicked and slapped by players during a regional league match. At the same time, the manager of one of the teams demanded a red card, The Mirror reported.

I’ve said it once. I’ve said it twice. I’ll probably end up saying it at least 15-20 more times in my lifetime. But being anywhere near a soccer match in Central/South America is the most dangerous thing that anyone can do. Especially when it’s an amateur soccer match because then the chaos is tenfold. I honestly don’t think that any amateur soccer match in South America has ever gone the full 90 minutes because it seems like every game ends with a riot on the field with fans and players all trying to murder one another. Hell, it was only just a few years ago that a ref was literally decapitated at an amateur soccer match in Brazil. Like not figuratively decapitated, but literally had his head ripped off of his body decapitated.

I’m about as anti-refs as they come. I hate them all and think that they ruin sports because they always fuck over my teams. But I can always respect someone who is good at doing their job. So with all that in mind, I 100% understand where this ref is coming from with showing up to officiate a game strapped up. You give one guy in an amateur game in Brazil a red card and the next thing you know, your head could end up on a stake. You gotta pack a little heat if those are the conditions you are working under. And if you want to take control of a game, whipping out a gun is the best way to put everyone in their place. Do I think we should allow all refs, even guys like Joey Crawford, to be armed while officiating games? No, not necessarily. But I do think this ref is on to something here. You can either take the red card or you can take a bullet to the skull. Your move, Pele.