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Justin Bieber PSA - How To Ask For A Selfie With Him

Listen I respect the hell out of Justin Bieber. In fact I posted this out of respect for him. Just a little PSA on the correct way to ask the Biebs for a selfie. Ask nicely. Let him live in the moment. Respect his humanity. All valid and fair requests. But that part about if you scream at him louder he won’t take a selfie? Yeah I get where he is coming from, but what he doesn’t get is sometimes you can’t control your emotions. I don’t want to scream like a little girl when I see Bieber. I don’t want to shriek. I don’t want to leak a little pre cum. I’m not proud of that. But sometimes the event is too big. Sometimes you can’t control yourself. I just hope Justin can remember the fan perspective as well when we ask for selfies. Respect is a two way street.