Does Everybody Know That Belichick Stole Gronk from the Ravens?

So Adam Scheffter posted this video on Sunday. How the Pats basically fleeced the Jags out of 2 draft picks that led to Julian Edelman and Gronk. The thing that jumped out to me and I’m not sure I really knew is that Belichick traded up from the 44th pick to the 42nd pick in 2010 to draft Rob Gronkowski. In other words he knew the team with the 43rd pick was planning on drafting Gronk so he gave away a draft pick just to move up 2 spots. BRILLIANT. Naturally I had to google what team Belichick fucked over to get Gronk. Lo and behold it was the Baltimore Ravens. BAHAHAHA! The only teams that would have been as delicious as this would have been the Colts or Jets. Just too perfect. No wonder the Ravens hate us so much. We embarrass them on the field and we embarrass them in the war room I mean can you imagine what would have happened if Belichick didn’t make this move and let Baltimore draft Gronk? That’s how financial fortunes get radically reversed. That’s how other teams become dynasties instead of us. All I can say is thank god for Belichick’s magnificent brain indeed.